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    We will try to keep the rules to a minimum, however we do have a few that we need to share with you to get us started:

    • Be respectful to fellow members. Open discussion is great, and as we all have strong positions and opinion, whether it be to our favorite driver or team, we can agree to disagree, but lets do it in a respectful manner. Take me for example, I have no use or time for the #48, the dawgs and acorns, I wouldn't cuss you out because you disagree and are for them, I would only wish you the best with your journey to getting help with your team of round the clock professional therapists.
    • Post in the correct forum. We have covered off all areas that we think will be relevant in creating the forums. There is nothing worse than a mess of threads and posts all over the board that aren't relevant to the section.
    • We reserve the right to move your post or thread to the correct forum if need be.
    • The off topic forums are just that, off topic, so feel free to post anything that doesn't fit anywhere else here:
    • If you feel that a post is out of line, feel free to report by clicking the report button below the post and staff will review and take action if necessary.
    • No posting of yours or others personal information (email, phone numbers etc.) If you would like to share your information with a member, please do so in a private message to them. Any personal information posted publicly on the forum will be removed.
    • Lastly, have fun, we look forward to watching this site grow and hope you will enjoy your time here.
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